How It Works

Our three-step process is simple, user-friendly and easy for anyone to follow.

First, you choose one of our talented local professionals available on the day of the event. Customers have a wide variety of chefs to choose from and will be able to view the chef’s profile, which includes ratings from past events, experience, specialties, and price. For example, in reviewing our chef’s profile a customer finds a chef from their favorite restaurant who charges more for a weekend event compared to another and thus chooses another chef based on budget.

Next, our customer’s customize their menu from the various options provided by Inside Chef and the personal chef’s specialties.

Once the menu is decided, the customer places the order and the chef picks up the food before the event. The customer has an option of having the chef cook at their home or in a commercial kitchen. Customers can also learn a few skills as the chef cooks.

During the event, the chef cleans up and caters to the attendees, thus creating a fun, stress-free environment.

Launching in mid-2017, our service will track the customer’s spending and give a cost per head estimate of the event based on the number of guests. By breaking up the cost of ingredients individually, we are able to control food waste and provide cheaper prices than most catering companies. Also, we don’t have to worry about the overhead costs associated with most catering companies, which helps keep our costs down.